ASASL offer the following services:
  • Asbestos Surveys HSG264
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Seminars

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    Asbestos Surveys HSG264
    For the Asbestos Survey our surveyors are qualified & expeienced to comply with HSG264 and whom hold appropriate certifications such as S301, P402, P405.

    Asbestos Survey,
    We cover most of the UK.

    Asbestos Survey in Cambridge, Asbestos Survey in Peterborogh
    Asbestos Survey in Newmarket, Asbestos Survey in Kings Lynn
    Asbestos surveys in Cambridgeshire, Asbestos surveys in Essex,
    Asbestos surveys in Norfolk, Asbestos surveys in Suffolk,
    Asbestos surveys in Lincolnshire

    Reports are comprehensive, detailing, plans, risk mangement, photographic evidence, analysis of samples by UKAS Laboratory.
    In fact all you need to manage asbestos and comply under the CAWR Regulations 21st May 2004, Health & safety at Work Act 1974.

    Asbestos Removal
    Asbestos Removal
    Once determined that asbestos is present and required to be removed or managed, because of refurbishment, demolition or a risk of contamination to others.
    Call now and we will arrange for the removal or appropriate course of action by an HSE Licenced contractors.

    We cover most of the UK.

    Asbestos removal arranged in Cambridge,
    Asbestos removal arranged in Peterborogh
    Asbestos removal arranged in Newmarket,
    Asbestos removal arranged in Kings Lynn
    Asbestos removal arranged in Cambridgeshire,
    Asbestos removal arranged in Essex,
    Asbestos removal arranged in Norfolk,
    Asbestos removal arranged in Suffolk,
    Asbestos removal arranged in Lincolnshire

    Asbestos Seminars
    Seminars arranged by fully qualified tutors to meet your requirement.
    Asbestos awareness, Management

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